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Important Money Saving Tip | Taking Train on Saturday

Save Money | Taking Train on a Saturday

Want to save money? We travel mostly by train while in Italy. Recently, we found out that you can apply for a senior citizen pass which entitles you to some discounts. We will need to check into this for our next visit and see what it entails.

We also found out that the best day to travel by train for two people is on Saturday. They have a 2 for 1 rate!! The thing to remember is you need to purchase this ticket two days in advance! If you are traveling a lot like we did exploring town to town, it is a great way to save money. NOTE:  The 2/1 rate is NOT for regional trains, only the fast ones!

2x1 Special Offer

If you have a smart phone, Trentalia and others have apps that you can check on train times. It is very convenient especially when your site seeing got done earlier or later than expected.

So if your day trip with a spouse or friend can wait until Saturday (Sabato in Italian) – why not save money?

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