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Haircut Breakthrough | Getting Haircut in a Foreign Country

Haircut Breakthrough

Haircut Breakthrough

Getting a haircut in a foreign country might not seem like a big deal to some but, to me, I had to first get past the guilt as I am faithful to my hairstylist back in Arizona. But here I am, experiencing a bit of “flipping” which is annoying me right now.

So of course I wouldn’t just be brave enough to enter any ol’ hair place in Florence; I’m not adventurous! So I decided to ask my blog friend who lives here in Florence for a recommendation. So, she emailed me back with a salon and off we went.

Salon Experience

When we arrived, there were two people getting their hair done. The owner said I couldn’t get it cut now but come back at 5:30pm. So we returned about 5:15pm (I am always early). There she sat in the shop alone, and said to me I had to come back at 6:15pm as she has someone coming in for color. I politely said to her “But I made my appointment with you this morning, and you said to come at 5:30pm”. She looked at me and repeated that she had a color and I was to come back later. I said “Arrivederci” and walked away. I guess my haircut wasn’t as important as the color client!

So I was a little annoyed that I was simply dismissed and still had flipping hair. We got back to the apartment and I got on the computer. I did a little investigating, read some reviews and found a nearby place that seemed to be more my style. Not a little one man  woman shop, but a true salon. Okay, it cost me a little bit more but did I mention I received a ten-minute scalp massage with lavender? Ahhhhhhhh.

Haircut breakthrough

haircut breakthrough

I am proud of myself that I made the haircut breakthrough and really enjoyed the experience. The language barrier wasn’t that intimidating as the stylist spoke a little English and she cut my hair exactly as I asked. You usually don’t tip in Italy but for a service such as this, I rounded up and left 3,00€.

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