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Grammarly Tool Review | Is it Worth the Price?

A Review of the program, Grammarly and what I think about it

Grammarly honest reviewOur Honest Grammarly Tool Review

Recently we were given a free trial of the premium version of Grammarly. I have used the free version for quite a long time but how is it different from the premium version; and more importantly, is it worth the price?

I have to say I was a bit skeptical but let’s face it, we publish a post on the blog every week. That’s a lot of writing. And most of all, I am not a grammar expert. I never did understand dangling participles and where and when to include a comma. Who can remember that far back from school?


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Free Version

The free version takes care of your basic writing. Spelling has never been my forte either. The free version is nice – don’t get me wrong. I was happily using it for years as really the free version checks grammar and spelling which is a major part of writing. But why stop there?


Grammarly honest review, ouritalianjourney.com; https://ouritalianjourney.com/grammarly-tool-review-is-the-premium-version-worth-it


Premium Version

You can elevate your writing by using the premium version and you know what? It is worth it. I have been able to set goals indicating to the program what I am trying to achieve to the audience. Alerts in four categories warn you about:

  • Correctness
  • Clarification
  • Engagement
  • Delivery

This version also gives you an overall score of your writing. When I tried it on a few documents I was working on for the blog, it was almost a game to see the overall score change and increase with every error I fixed. I also enjoyed getting words of encouragement such as “You must be practicing,” and “Nothing can stop you now” when I corrected some of the errors.

A good portion of us use Microsoft Word when writing and this software does detect and correct errors but not nearly the amount that Grammarly can provide. But guess what? You can use Grammarly in Microsoft Word. Grammarly also works on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.


Grammarly honest review, ouritalianjourney.com; https://ouritalianjourney.com/grammarly-tool-review-is-the-premium-version-worth-it



If you do a bit of writing, whether it is emails or school papers, it might be worth looking into. There have various options available with monthly and yearly subscriptions. The yearly subscription is obviously a better price but you can see which option might work for your budget. They also have 24-hour support for subscribers via a request feature. If you haven’t tried Grammarly – you should!


Grammarly Writing Support






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