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Dreaming – Parma


Dreaming about Parma……It is now the beginning of February and the organizer in me wants to start to plan the beginning of our journey. Alright, so we haven’t gotten to Italy yet. Okay, we haven’t even received the email from the Consulate to come to pick up our Italian passports. With that said, I still want to start to plan our first adventure(s).

It is obvious that we need to get familiar with our immediate surroundings; I get that. So the first week or two will be to get to know the town of Parma. Where should we venture to next? Bologna, Modena, Verona? Would love to hear what others recommend (and why).

I know we plan to stay in Italy for one year to make the determination if:

  1.  Will we like it?  (yea, I know – silly but true)
  2.  Can we live without weekly interaction with our children and grandchildren? Will Skype be enough?
  3.  Can we afford it?

I don’t want to waste time – I’m a planner. I have this fear that we won’t execute a plan and time will just pass us by, and months later we will realize our year is almost up and we didn’t get to do everything we wanted or hoped to accomplish. You know time – time doesn’t wait for me, or you.

This is just me thinking – pondering – waiting. Being the glass is half empty kind-of-girl.






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