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Church of St. Fermo, Verona

St. Fermo

The Church of St. Fermo

The Church of St. Fermo is actually two churches built on top of one another. This church is on the banks of the river Adige where the saints Fermo and Rustico were tortured to death in 304, and the people build a church during the 5th – 6th Century to honor them.

This church is current under construction or should I say, renovation. Even thought there was scaffolding up and statues covered, it was still beautiful inside. We want to return in the future to see it completely renovated.



Between 1065 and 1143 the Benedictine monks demolished the Palaeo-Christian church and to conserve the relics in the same place in which St. Annone had placed them, they built a Romanesque church on two levels; the lower church to keep the relics, the upper to be used for religious functions.


The lower church is still used during the winter for religious services. Frankly, I thought it would be used in the summer months as it is cooler down below, but that isn’t the case.


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