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Chamber San Paolo, Parma

Chamber San Paolo, Parma

Also called “Camera Di S. Paolo ed Ex Monastero”

Chamber San Paolo is located in the former Monastery of Saint Paul. The Chamber of the Abbess is a fresco by Correggio which was decorated in 1519. The room presents the illusion of a pergola with chains of fruit held up by ribbons and an umbrella. It is divided into 16 segments by Gothic ribs. 

The room was originally part of a complex of six rooms, which were the personal apartment of the Abbess Giovanna da Piacenza.

It is truly amazing how beautifully preserved the dark green color is kept and is spectacular when you enter the room.



Closeup of detail on ceiling


The fireplace (below) fresco is focused on the theme of the Goddess Diana which she is on a chariot drawn by deer. To see more visit: http://www.museiparma.it/site/?page_id=214





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