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Celebrating New Year

Celebrating a new year, ouritalianjourney.com

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Celebrating a New Year

As 2015 comes to a close, we take a moment to reflect on the past year. This past year brought Gary & I another granddaughter (#6) and the news of our 7th to be born around April 2015. It will be interesting as each of the children have a boy and girl. Our Jacklyn (who is having her third child)… which tie will she break?? Who will rule the family… boy’s or girls? This year also brought hope and another step closer for getting all our paperwork in order to obtain Gary’s dual citizenship. We are so close – – yet so far.

When I think about New Year’s Italian Style, I think about the major role the food plays as with every Italian holiday. Did you know that the main item at dinner usually beings with lentils as they symbolize money and good fortune for the coming year. Other traditions might include cotechino (large spiced sausage) or a zampone (stuffed pig’s feet) [Not this lady!] It seems the pork symbolizes the richness of life in the coming year.

May we wish you a Happy New Year and hope 2015 brings you and your family health and happiness. Gary and I are hoping it brings our 2015 wish of living in Italy to a reality. I am hoping that with this granted wish will bring more frequent postings to publish our adventure on this blog.

Happy New Year!


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