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The Basilica of San Zeno, Verona

Basilica of San Zeno

The Basilica of San Zeno

The Basilica of San Zeno is one of the most beautiful (and better preserved) examples of Romanesque architecture in the whole Northern part of Italy. The main chapel is built in Gothic style between 1386 and 1398 by Giovanni and Nicolò da Ferrara.

The warm colors of the facade is striking due to the alternated use of tufa stone and bricks. The bronze doors (below) are a real masterpiece, obtained by assembling doors of different periods. It portrays scenes from the Old and New Testament.

What caught my eye right away is the huge engraved rose window, called “the wheel of fortune” by Brioloto (1217-1225).


Front of church

Front of church

Back of church

Back of church

Saint Zeno

Saint Zeno




The church was built on the spot where the Saint had been buried, in order to preserve his relics and honor his memory. Saint Zeno, born in

Africa was the 8th Bishop of Verona and converted the whole town to Christianity. As with many churches, the 1117 earthquake destroyed much of the bell tower and parts of the monastery.

San Zeno, Italy. ouritalianjourney.com

The church has three levels and is breathtaking.  It also has a well-manicured courtyard within the compound of the Basilica.





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