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Arrival in Milan – August 4

Milan train station is part of the 5 useful tips for traveling in Italy. ouritalianjourney.com

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Hello Milan!

We have been in the Milan train station during a previous trip but it still amazes me how beautiful this building is and how busy!

Do not be afraid when traveling by train in Italy. The information desk is very helpful and the “train board” is very easy to understand. We did find out, however, that since we purchased our train tickets ahead of time on the internet, we did not need to validate our tickets. Validating tickets is a MUST in Italy; train or bus. If you do not use the green or (sometimes) yellow box before you get on the transportation, you could be fined or, have to pay for the entire ticket price again. See, the conductor with an invalidated ticket does not know if you have tried to use it before. Validating just means that it shows a date and time you got on the train/bus.

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