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Phoenix, AZ Flooding & Power of Social Media

Monsoon season, flooding and the power of social media. ouritalianjourney.com Arizona Flooding

Flooding & Social Media

August 23, 2018

How are flooding and social media connected? We are temporarily living in a condo located at the Pointe Tapatio Cliffs Condos in Phoenix, Arizona. We have lived in Arizona for just about 30 years and never experienced flooding like this before. Yes, we’ve seen photos of flooding in Arizona which is common during our Monsoon Season, but not personally up front and center.

I posted three videos of what was happening at our condo on Instagram. Two news stations contacted me to request permission for using them. ABC News and their affiliates and a news organization in Japan!

To show you the power of social media, I only had used three hashtags, #arizona, #rain, and #flooding. Look at the exposure just three hashtags provided!

Check out our Instagram feed to see the videos. You can use the social media Instagram icon on the right side of our home page or you can find us at http://instagram.com/italianjourney


ouritlalianjourney.com Arizona Flooding and social media

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