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Temporary Home

We have closed on the house and have completely moved out of our home and now are in our new temporary place. We spent our last night ordering a few pizza’s and having the “in town” children over for our last dinner. We took some pictures and made a few last memories.

Our wonderful neighbors had us over for a farewell. We are the last original owners on our block and have met some wonderful people through the years. I will say, these two couples happen to be my favorites. Even got a note on my car “Don’t Go” on the last day. While we are still in Phoenix, we will┬ádrive by to see them.


So now we just wait for the call from the Italian Consulate in LA, California telling us to come pick up our passports and have our picture taken. The saying goes “Home is where the heart is” and I will say this is true. Right now, my heart is with my wonderful husband in our temporary place. Waiting.


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