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Need Suggestions for Southern Italy

We have heard from our lawyer that we have a good chance to obtain our Italian passports in June. Once we go to California and acquire them, we ready to give our 2-weeks’ notice to both our employers and… we are off!  Off to live in Italy for one year.

Our dilemma, which we would like your input, is which southern town to choose? We have already chosen Parma to live for a few months in the northern part of Italy. For new readers, we plan to use this town as our “home base” to travel around the region and get better acquainted with smaller towns and villages. We also are considering staying in Florence for Christmastime. We think it would be amazing!



Our southern Italian time-frame looks to be January through June, 2017. There are several regions we have on our list to visit – but live?  Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia and, Campania are the regions we plan to visit and, each has charming towns but our main criteria: decent transportation to venture out and explore from our home base. We know train travel would only be accessible along each coastline; so we are going to heavily rely on buses. Transportation will be a challenge in the southern part of Italy but we still want to explore the different regions while only renting in one place.

Do you have any suggestions for southern Italian living location? If so, can you give a bit of detail? We would love to hear your ideas/suggestions!!

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  • Reply Linda May 29, 2016 at 8:20 am

    I suggest you contact Elizabeth Minchilli, who lives in Rome, has a country place in Umbria, and is an award-winning food writer. She is an American married to an Italian for 20+ years. She’s a lovely person who literally saved my Italian vacation last year by contacting her wide range of contacts to locate a room for me at the last minute. Elizabeth could be a wonderful resource for you and interesting friend. She has a food app called Eat Italy ( iTunes) and a blog, newsletter, etc.

  • Reply Frank June 2, 2016 at 5:16 pm

    My wife and I obtained our citizenship and passports last year thru the San Francisco consulate. Have been to the “boot” twice since then going again this fall. We have fallen in love with Reggio Calabria and surrounding area. So non-tourist, easy access to Sicily, wonderful people. Only downside was that very few English speakers, but I was able to get along with the small amount of Italian I know. People even understood me (for the most part)! The sea is beautiful, and with the train, bus and ferry we did very well without a car. Also, we found prices to be very reasonable this far south.

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