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Dual Citizenship

Get Started With Your Dual Citizenship & Get Your Checklist

We have put together a basic checklist to help you get started if you are considering obtaining dual citizenship with Italy. Even today, it still amazes me the amount of documentation we needed and, the fact that it had to be all original documents.

Checklist Download

Since we currently live in Arizona and the documents we needed were in New York and Massachusetts, it literally took us about two+ years to get these original documents (with all the signatures, seals and certificates), as well as, several documents we needed from Sicily.

Please understand, by no means is this checklist a complete list of everything you will need to acquire for this venture. It is meant to be a starting point – a foundation to build upon; as each state has different requirements. These requirements will depend on where you, your spouse, your parents, and grandparents were born, married, divorced (if applicable), or died, (if that be the case).

There is also good information on the internet. If you have specific questions, you can ask them on a site: I have found this site quite helpful. This process can be overwhelming but using a basic checklist is a place to begin. No matter what state- our checklist items will be the basic information you need to obtain to apply for dual citizenship. Just remember that Italian law is constantly changing and what is true today might very well be different tomorrow. That is exactly why it is best to go to a reliable source rather than go by what other have experienced.

Our suggestion is that you meet with your local Italian Consulate for a bit of guidance. There is no cost associated with this meeting but you do need to make an appointment. Be respectful of their time and have all your questions written down with you so you don’t forget to ask something and regret it later. Our local Consulate’s office was located on the second floor of the Italian American Club!

Apostille SampleWe have included in this post a copy of an Apostille as many have asked us exactly what does that type of certificate look like. This is just a sample of one of ours.

If this is something you too are interested in pursuing, please let us know about your journey.








Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March, 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness
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