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  • Words of Advice
    Italy Info, Tips

    Words of Advice – Our August Nightmare

    Learn From Our Mistake; Words of Advice   I have posted previously on June 2014, under TRAVEL TIPS to be aware that thing close in August. Not everything – but somethings, especially small stores.…

  • Milan train
    General Info, Tips

    Arrival in Milan – August 4

    Hello Milan! We have been in the Milan train station during a previous trip but it still amazes me how beautiful this building is and how busy! Do not be afraid when…

  • windowpane test for dough
    Recipes, Tips

    Windowpane Test for Successful Dough

    Full Proof Windowpane Test for Success Using the windowpane test will result in successful dough each and every time you make it. Making dough is very easy but there is one thing…

  • Tips, Travel

    4 Suggestions for Cheaper Airfare

    It is a known fact that there is not a “perfect” or “magic” day to purchase airfare, but we have all heard these rumors, right? Marketing strategies change from one airline to…

  • shopping
    Italy Info, Tips

    Shopping -Italy

    Shopping in Italy I wish I could remember where I came across this list of stores and what they sell so I could give the author credit. I was searching around the…