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Be Organized – Travel Tip

Best Travel Advice I Can Give

Be organized and create an easy to read itinerary. I created in Word (using table format), a master list showing the entire two weeks. The master list would hold just basic information. The day of the week across the top and listed down the page was the city/town we would be staying, hotel/B&B names, addresses and phone numbers. This grid was a great way to see our trip at a glance. I also included on the master list, the sight(s) we had hoped to visit each day. 

Travel Sample Itinerary

The second list was all about the details. Each day held information about each sight we hoped to see while in that particular town. In Europe, sights are closed at odd times and days of the week. In case we had to be flexible and change a day (due to weather or physical reasons), I listed each sight, the address of the sight and the days and times they were open. We grouped as many destinations as we could by their location in order to make for a fulfilling day.

City by City Sample – 2010

This proved to help us on more than one occasion! A perfect example of this was in Rome. We found where the Trevi Fountain was located and stopped there on our way to the Spanish Steps.

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